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20 August, 2014

Inspire The Little Artist In Your Life

In our home we encourage artistic skills. It is a creative and wonderful outlet for the kids. Also a great time passer on those rainy days. Even my older kids still love their crayons and paints. So when we all are stuck inside we haul out the Box Of Fun. In the box is all kinds of stuff. Crayons, paints, markers, glue, and so much more. It is like a mini art show in the dining room!

When Silver Dolphin Books offered to send over some of their great Crayola kits for the kids to try out, they were excited. They couldn't wait to start drawing, painting, and creating. 

Silver Dolphin is a wonderful place full of books and fun stuff for kids. Silver Dolphin Books publishes activity, novelty, and educational nonfiction books for preschoolers to 12-year-olds. Highly interactive formats such as the Field Guides and Uncover series both educate and entertain older children. The lovable characters of the Maurice Pledger series and the boldly illustrated Snappy Sounds series appeal to both young children and parents alike.

Tap into your creativity and paint a colorful world with Crayola Color Workshop: Painting!

Painting is fun and easy with this delightful new kit that comes with everything budding artists need to get painting: a 32-page book, 16-page sketchbook, 18-count Washable Crayola Kids' Paint, one Crayola Paintbrush, paint-mixing tray, and two sponges. Kids ages 5 and up can get creative with more than 15 fun projects, including exploring ways of using color by painting a flying carpet to or creating a cool-looking sea by painting different shades of blue. Crayola Color Workshop: Painting provides hours of fun and great foundation for young Picassos.

Daisha had a blast with this kit. She was off and painting in no time. She has a passion for painting and creating different things with it. I knew that this kit was made for her soon as I saw it.

The next kit we received was Crayola Color Workshop: Drawing. Now I knew that MyMy and Peanut would love this. They love to color all the time. 

This delightful new kit comes with everything kids need to get started, including a 32-page book, a 16-page sketchbook, 8 Crayola Regular Crayons, 16 Crayola Metallic Crayons, and 1 ruler. Add details to turn a simple drawing into a cute animal, draw funny faces, design a colorful night sky, get some monkeys ready for a party, and much more!

Both these fabulous kits are awesome for any inspiring, little artist. A great way to learn and have fun! I have a friend that homeschools and she is excited about these kits. She bought some for her kids to add to their learning program.

My kids love them and yours will also! 

Click over to learn more and get your own.

Silver Dolphin

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Crayola Color Workshop: Painting
Crayola Color Workshop: Drawing
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19 August, 2014

Boost Your Hair Volume With Framesi

I love Framesi. I got the chance to use their products a few months back and was thrilled with the results. Their shampoos and conditioners really work. Your hair feels light and luxurious after use. So when I got the chance to try their Color Lover line I was doing a happy dance.

These two fabulous, products work together to lift and strengthen hair and keep your color lasting 95% longer.
Enriched with Quinoa
No Build Up
Thermal/UV Protection
 100% vegan

 Shampoo and conditioner are sulfate, paraben, DEA and Gluten free.

Look how beautiful my hair is!  This has got to be one of the best shampoo and conditioner on the market. It gives your hair loads of volume. Great shine and healthy hair. Exactly what I want in my hair products.

Check it out for yourself over at Beauty Care Choices.

 The only place to get your Beauty Products!

The wonderful people over at Beauty Care Choices would love to give one of my readers a bottle of Framesi Shampoo and Conditioner for themselves!

Thank you so much!

Contest is open to US, 18+ Only.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Maui Excellent Volcano Oil

Anyone that knows me can tell you I suffer from severe lower back pain. I also have huge problems with my upper shoulders and neck. I am very top heavy so my bra has a tendency to dig in my skin and it stresses my neck. I have used almost every over the counter gel, rub, and devices to get relief. Not one has worked for me, not to mention the cost of those products. 

I happened above Volcano Oil by Maui Excellent on Facebook. One of friends shared some information about the products. It certainly gained my interest. Could it be my search for relief as ended? I had to find out!

Helen Cummings,  Owner Of Maui Excellent

Helen Cummings, clinical massage rehabilitation therapist and teacher since 1981, is the creator and founder of the Maui Excellent™ Product Line. As a teacher and advisor to the Hawaii State Board of Massage .

In her practice located on the island of Maui, Back to Center Massage, is a highly-sought after therapist working with orthopedic surgeons for both pre and post op surgery. She advises on alkaline diet to support and speed the client’s healing and her specialties include scar-adhesion therapy, postural re-training and alignment awareness.

It is from this intense study and practice that she formulated her one-of-a-kind, all-natural, aromatherapy products that range from pain management, to soothing creams and facial and skin rejuvenation treatments. These products are now used by health and wellness professionals, as well as thousands of consumers across Hawaii and the mainland

Therapy, Helen has taught accreditation classes and apprenticed eight therapists for licensing since 2001.

So what is this Volcano Oil?

 Volcano Oil® & Volcano Oil®Gel provides a variety of benefits for acute or chronic pain. Relieves headaches and loosens congestion.

Formulated by Helen Cummings, renown rehabilitation massage therapist for her clients. This full range of products offers the consumer and the therapist a way to address pain and pain management in a number of ways. Choose a single product or the entire line: oil, gel, massage oil, and bath salts! Volcano Oil® Massage Oil and Volcano Oil® Bath Salts are a perfect complement to therapy!

The Volcano Oil® and Volcano Oil® Gel can be used in conjunction with therapeutic massage, chiropractic treatment and other pain management modalities, as well as a perfect all-around product to have on hand. 

Never tested on animals. No distilled or artificial ingredients and NO GMO's ever used. No mineral oil. No alcohols or chemical fillers. Always delicate, essential oil scents – no perfumes.

Maui Excellent Use Only Pure Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E. 

I have been using my Volcano Oil for over three weeks now. I have seen a huge change in my aches and pains. I don't suffer as much as I used to. As a former nurse, I am spreading the word about the wonderful benefits of this gel. Even my hubby has fell in love with these oils. As a nurse himself, when he gets off work he has tight muscles and knots from lifting and being on his feet for 12 hour shifts. After a good massage with Volcano Oil he is back in fighting form. He claims this oil was sent from Heaven.

Maui Excellent has more than just Volcano Oil. They offer Aromatherapy, Oil Bath Salts, Facial Creams, and so much more. You have check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Click Over To See All Their Products and Learn More.

Maui Excellent

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Maui Excellent would love to give 3 readers a Volcano Oil Pack of their own.

Thank you so much. 

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18 August, 2014

Set The Mood With LED Candles

Did you know that 25% of all house fires are caused by candles? I had no idea until last year when there seem to be a rash of house fires breaking out. That really worried me, as I am a huge candle lover. In my home you will usually find one or two candles burning at any given time. Which can be a great thing. It boosts your mood and gives your space style. On the downside you run the risk of something happening when you are not looking. 

I had to combine my love of candles and need for safety. I started looking into LED tea lights after visiting a restaurant that had them on their tables. It was such a beautiful setting and perfect. I wanted that in my home.

I reached out to Frux Home and Yard after searching for the best LED Tea Light Candles I could find online.  Their quality and service is the best I found.  Their tea lights are flameless, dripless, smoke free, child and pet friendly, and safe to use at any venue or event. A must have with boats and RV's. Perfect mood setting for when you are are water and the boat is rocking from the waves.

Affordable, 24 individually wrapped, realistic amber flickering flame LED candles fit in any candle holder or votive. From setting a mood and romantic evenings to parties, weddings, night lights or any event or venue. You don't have to worry about a guest knocking over a candle by accident or the wind blowing out the wicks. Perfect, worry free lighting.

Batteries are included for every tea light! Cost effective, economical lithium ion CR2032 batteries make flameless candles last much longer than traditional tea lights.

As a thank you for ordering from Frux Home and Yard, six luminary bags are included with each order. I loved the style and designs on the bag. They blend in with your environment and made my rooms look inviting. I have two bags in my front window by my front door. All my guests love them and inquire on where I got them.

These fabulous, LED Tea Lights are economical, versatile, have a long life, and saves energy. They can fit into any tea light holder. Simple on and off switch on the bottom.  Frux Home and Yard also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You can't beat that. These are the perfect, alternative to real candles. 

I loved my Tea Lights. I have been using them everyday since I received them. I will be ordering more with Halloween right around the corner. These will be perfect to put in our pumpkins and other spooky decorations. 

Click over to get yours and find out more today.

Frux Home and Yard

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16 August, 2014

Travel On A Full Battery

When we travel our main issue is keeping our devices charged. Most car chargers only allow for one device to charge at a time. Which can be a pain when you have more than one person with a device in use. In our case we have phones and tablets. Tablets are a great distraction tool for the kids for those long hours on the road. They can watch movies or play games. On the downside it saps the battery power quickly. My solution came in Adfilic triple usb car charger.

All three USB ports(2.1A, 2.0A and 1.0A) offers rapidly charging of smartphones, tablets, and other devices to 100%. It's the same speed as charging from your wall adapter. For charging all Apple products we recommend to use the 2.1A and 1.0A port. A soft internal blue LED power indicator is lit to show that car charger is ready for use or is charging.

Tri-Port Design allows for 3 products to charge simultaneously. Compact and sleek design with a snug fit that doesn't stick out like most chargers. Makes for an excellent investment with a lifetime guarantee.

Very low profile and great for cars with manual transmissions where longer plugs can interfere with the shifter. Charge up to 3 phones or tablets all at once with a total of 5.1A.

When you click the ADD TO CART now, you're protected by their lifetime guarantee, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.

Sick of buying car chargers that don't work or even starts to overheat and melt? Adfilic 5.1 Triple USB Port 25.5W / 5.1A USB Universal Car Charger allows you to charge Android smartphones, tablets, music players, and electronic devices on the trip, MFI (Made for iPhone iPad iPod) Approved, optimal performance on all Apple products, cable is not included. built-in circuit design which protects against over-heating, over-currents, over charging of all smartphones and tablets. The smart charging stops automatically when the battery is full.

Now when we travel we always have a full battery, thanks to Adfilic. This usb charger is perfect to keep your devices fully charged when your on the go! 

Click over to add this to your cart and learn more.

Would you like to win this fabulous usb charger for yourself? Adfilic is offering one to lucky reader!

Huge thank you to them.

Contest is open to US, 18+ only.

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15 August, 2014

Just So For A Natural Clean

Everyone in my family seems to have sensitive skin. Rashes, bumps, and all other kinds of skin ailments can make finding the right soap tricky. I finally gave up on mass market soaps and gels, then went the natural route. It has been wonderful for our family since then. Less breakouts, great skin, and many other benefits we reap daily. Now the trick is finding the right place to get our natural soap needs.

I was introduced to Just So by an another blogger. She was raving about the results and the wonderful selection. So I had to try them out. I knew from first glance, we was a perfect match!

Not only do they offer natural soap to purchase, they offer recipes and tutorials, all designed to help you live a bit closer to nature. The company was formed from an toxic experience with mold. You can read that story here.

This unique blend of skin softening oils combines with the highly emollient mango butter. Moringa oil is rich in oleic acid and vitamins C and A. Mango butter is high in antioxidants.  Evening primrose oil brings a luxurious touch. The madder root helps create the orange hue. You’ll love the subtle mango scent.

This bar is perfect for those who work outside. It fights odors while offering a deep, cleansing experience.
One side utilizes rhassoul clay, a reddish brown clay with extraordinary skin cleansing properties, making it ideal for the face. The other side includes Aalgo seaweed, calcium bentonite clay, activated charcoal, as well as pure rosemary essential oil. The black side of the soap offers an effective, deep cleansing of the body.
This bar is also beneficial for those with acne, skin rashes, or those who desire a gentle yet effective detoxifying skin treatment.

This refreshing blend combines the antioxidant qualities of green tea with the nourishment of avocado butter and avocado oil! 

Soaps are packaged in 100% natural muslin bags.

I also received the popluar Rose Petal Lip Balm. Just So Pure Lip Balm is specially formulated using only the finest pure and natural ingredients, which include apricot kernel oil – a sweet-scented, luxurious oil to nourish and lubricate, jojoba oil – a long-lasting, antibacterial oil to soothe and protect, along with pure essential oils. Rose Petal features the addition of alkanet root, a natural plant dye, along with rose geranium essential oil for a refreshing and aromatic experience.

My family loved all the soap! It was perfect for our skin. Plus it left us smelling fresh and clean. Just So is the perfect, natural soap for your whole family. One whiff and you will never go back to your old soap again.

Check Out Just So and Their Awesome Products.

Just So

The wonderful people over at Just So would love to give one of my lucky readers the chance to enjoy their natural products.

Winner will receive a $25 Credit To Just So.

Huge Thank You To Just So!

Contest is open to US, 18+ only.

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